How to "un-follow" a question (after comment on it).

Is there a way to stop following a question?

But why would you want to do that?

Yes and no.

No. There’s no check mark anywhere to turn it off.

Yes. Go for a walk. Have a beer somewhere. Enjoy the sun.
These are all things to not follow a question.

@ve3oat: because someone may have commented a question for a reminder about general guidelines (thought police) but is not otherwise interested/skilled on the topic.

I have come to the same conclusion that ebot stated: no solution. You could try this workaround:

  • In your profile settings - Email alerts - set frequency for “Answered by me” to Never
  • On each question for which you want activity alerts, click the Follow button

The above operations should change your email flow from this place. I haven’t tried it myself, so no idea whether “follow” will trigger alerts. I will test it out (unless you report back that it doesn’t work) if the emailing becomes annoying…

Thanks all.

@ve3oat and @ajlittoz: My question was triggered by the “Who will replace roff?” question.

Thanks @Hrbrgr for your comment with good humor. I take the “walk” and the “sun” advice (but not “beer” for me).

A vote up for @keme comment.