How to use math functions in the Calc Basic?

The documentations shows how to implement a basic VOL function:

Function VOL(a, b, c)
VOL = a*b*c
End Function

So that I can write


in a spreadsheet and get 6.

I want to write arctan which would return result in degrees instead of radians:

Function ARCTAN(rad)
ARCTAN = ATAN(rad)*180/PI()
End Function

and call it as, e.g.:


This doesn’t work: Calc complains:

Sub-procedure or function procedure not defined

Can you help me to write this function?

See posting here.

Thanks. The example you linked is more of a [currying])(Currying - Wikipedia) though.

In this special case, you can use the internal functions of Basic. For a list of these functions see Alphabetic List of Functions, Statements and Operators in section Command Reference in tab Contents of the Help.

Your function might read

function ARCTAN(rad as double) as double
   ARCTAN = atn(rad)*45.0/atn(1)
end function

You need 45.0/atn(1) instead of 180.0/PI(), because PI() is not available as Basic-internal function.

PI() is not available but Pi works: ARCTAN = atn(rad) * 180 / Pi. Thanks!

Here’s a list of most used math functions: atn/sin/cos/tan/exp/log/sqr/abs plus a constant Pi. Source.

Original function does work in LO v5.1.3.2 the only difference from original question being atn() vs ATAN() and this thanks to @Regina.

Also in this versions’ off line Help, start with Content tab then Macros and Programming, Command Reference and finally Alphabetic List of Functions, Statements and Operators

Pi is actually used in the help example.

Changed "Answer’ to “Comment” - posted just for Help reference.