I have 60 shortcuts defined in LibreOffice. Can I copy this personal version of Libre to another computer. Or will i have to define all my shortcuts again?

I have Libre Office working well on this computer. I’ve defined about 60 shortcuts. I would like to be able to alternate with another computer. Instead of just downloading Libre Office again from the internet and defining those shortcuts again, can I copy my own version of Libre complete with the shortcuts?

You can move (copy, port) your user profile. Concerning templates and scripts there are contained folders whose contents you may delete in advance of the moving if you don’t want to pass them along. Also the backup folder should probably not be included.

Concerning the location of your user profile see this wiki.

It’s different with the software itself. A standard install with settings on the level of the Operating System must be done anew on a different machine. On Win e.g, you easily get the file associations you may want.

Again on Windows (and most likely on Linux having ‘Wine’) you can also use an extracted PortableApps package (there are also different brands probably) of LibO which has its user profile in its specific place. Such a LibO you can take with you on a USB stick e.g, settings, templates, scripts and all. File associations are, of course, not offered by default by portable software. On a specific computer you can arrange for them manually. Depending on the medium loading/saving speed may be reduced.

There are Load and Save buttons in the keyboard tab of the customize dialog. You need to save it for each module and for global. You will get *.cfg files. Move them to the other computer. There you can load them to restore the short-cuts.