I have some old Star Office Writer files, extension .sdw. I could open them in OpenOffice. Is it possible to open them in LibreOffice?

Star Office Writer Files

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When installing you can select in the optional components to install the legacy filters, selecting previously the personalized install.

Thank you very much. I had missed this feature during installation. I was able to modify the installation without reinstalling the complete suite. It now works fine.

According to Appendix B of “Getting Started with LibreOffice” guide, LibreOffice Writer can open StarWriter formats:

In addition to OpenDocument formats
(.odt, .ott, .oth, and .odm), Writer 3
can open the formats used by OOo 1.x
(.sxw, .stw, and .sxg) and the
following text document formats:

StarWriter formats (.sdw, .sgl,

Most of these file types are
automatically detected by LibreOffice,
so they can be opened without
explicitly selecting the document type
in the file picker.

Thank you. Please see comment following the other answer.

So, as a user of LibreOffice under Ubuntu 12.10, how do I install these legacy filters?

Try to find help here: http://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/installation/linux/

Install package libreoffice-filter-binfilter