I need documentation of oDispatcher.executeDispatch

In the following line, would some one point me to the documentation and how to use?

 fnDispatch = oDispatcher.executeDispatch(oFrame, ".uno:" & sCommand, "", 0, Args())


In your previous question on this topic oDispatcher.executeDispatch question I had already given you the the information on this. It is in OOME (Open Office Macros Explained) in section 11. The Dispatcher. Had also given you the link to this document back on 2018-10-31.

Never did figure out what “11. The Dispatcher” was. It does not activate as a link at my end.

As mentioned, had given this link to you in past (answer in this post → I need how to assign cell values to variables with macros [closed] and you had made reference to it in the comment. Here is the link again → OOME. BTW reference was to section 11 in the document.

This link may help you. That isn’t a link above - it is merely the chapter name emphasised.

very funny

I need a link to “11. The Dispatcher”


Don’t know how to respond to your request. Have given you this information a couple of times already, once in the comment just above. The link points to OOME and it is there that you will find section (chapter) 11.

And I still can’t find it. I have looked several times and can not find what you are speaking of. Is there some reason why you are withholding information? A link would solve the issue.

I cannot believe it needs to be spelled out again after multiple postings.

FIRST you need to get the document Open Office Macros Explained. This is THE LINK YET AGAIN → OOME. Once you get the document look for section 11 in the index (chapter if you will). There you will find ‘The Dispatcher’ section.

Look in the SECOND comment above and you will see I have NOT been WITHHOLDING information as you accuse me of. I have also referenced in that same comment where I had given you the link previously. I mentioned in my answer where to find the link, posted it again in a comment and @robleyd showed you yet another way to obtain the document. Only so much can be done!

Download the document which is a PDF file; open the document in your PDF reader. You may see a table of contents which will let you jump to section 11 - if not you can use the search option in your PDF reader. If all else fails, scroll down the document until you get to section 11.

I regret we can only explain this to you - we can’t understand it for you.

The oome pdf, page 264. Thank you!

The link is http://www.pitonyak.org/OOME_3_0.pdf, chapter 11, page 264

Sad - it is the same link presented above.

A complete list of the command “slots”:
The XDispatchHelper reference:
A thread containing some hints by @mikekaganski :

Concerning the SearchFlags parameter of executeDispatch() (0 in all known examples) I cannot find info newer than that by Andrew Pitonyak already mentioned.

Thank you!