I need more information, but I am unable to comment

I need to get more information from a user on Ask LibO, so that I am able to answer their question. However, I am unable to comment on questions due to not having enough karma. How can I go about doing this?

@crazyskeggy – Done.

@manj_k What do you mean?

@crazyskeggy – I’ve added 10 “karma points” to your “reputation” (via moderation) for adding comments to answers and questions. :slight_smile:

Update: Required karma points for adding a comment is now: 1 karma point. :wink:

See also: ask.libreoffice.org: How many “karma points” are required for …?


Disable the option

☐ community wiki

in your future questions and answers:


See also: FAQ · How does karma system work?

Only problem: Many posts don’t have enough info, so I can’t answer them without asking for more info, via comments which I wasn’t allowed to use. Do you see the loophole for us newbies?

@crazyskeggy - addtitional to the karma points manj_k gave you, you also can write an answer to ask your questions.

@ROSt53 That just defeats the point of the system, surely? You can’t vote on a question…