I need to display, find, remove tab characters in fields in Calc

Somehow, some of the text fields in my spreadsheet contain tabs. I need to remove them so that I can import the file into another application. I can’t figure out how to use them in a “Find” box. Nor display them so that I can delete them manually.

I don’t know about display, either, but it’s easy enough to find/replace:

  1. Do CTRL-H to bring up find/replace dialog.
  2. Make sure “Other Options” toggle has revealed the other options.
  3. Check the “Regular expressions” box: [✓]
  4. In “Search for” field, put in: \t (that’s the regular expression for tab character).
  5. At this point you can click “Find All”, and the cells with tabs will be selected;
  6. and/or put your “Replace with” string in, and hit “Replace All”.

Obviously, you might want to work on a copy of your file, or save a back-up first. Screenshot below for what it’s worth: