Icon to wrap text in selected cell

I just looked through all the toolbar menus for a single icon that wrapped the text in selected cells - and couldn’t find one. Is there one? If so, which toolbar menu is it in, so I can add it? I would expect to find it in “format”, but can’t see it anywhere.


This extension for calc create a toolbar which has button for wrap text in selected cell(s), unwrap text in selected cell(s), insert copied row(s) or cell(s), insert copied column(s)or cell(s) and paste value

Well done! Paste value is particularly useful to me! Thank you for creating the extension and for sharing!

:slight_smile: welcome

I installed this extension, but I can’t find the new toolbar? Probably something easy that I’m missing, but I can’t figure out how to use this. The extension is installed and shows up in the extension manager

@bradrh, it should be automatically loaded as the first bar. You probably need to close and reopen LO. If it doesn’t, go to View > Toolbars and click on “Wrap insert toolbar” (just above Formula Bar)

ok, i got it now, i had to close ALL libreoffice windows, then start up & it showed up. I figured it was something simple. looks very useful. I’ll bet I use wrap many times everytime each session.

There is no such button. In fact there isn’t a separate command for “Wrap text” (otherwise you could assign a button to it). The best you can do is add a button to “Format cells” but that will only save you one click :slight_smile: I suggest that you use the keyboard shortcut key instead (in this case Ctrl+1)

If you think this should be added to LibreOffice then add a Feature Request to

(just start the “bug report” with the tag [Feature request] )

@Pedro1 – Per the QA team, please ask users to set the status field of the bug report to Enhancement instead of putting “[Feature request]” in the title. That will make things easier for whoever triages the bug. Thanks!