If I Uninstall Libre Will My Files Be Save If I Reinstall?

If I uninstall LibreOffice to get rid of what I think is a bug in Calc Spreadsheet version, and reinstall it, will my files be saved? Should I delete all registry files?

Hello - for sure there are reasons to reinstall. But - if something is a real bug, reinstall won’t help, because by definition of a bug it is part of the software being installed and if you re-install you will re-install the bug too. Everything what could be fixed by re-installing wasn’t a bug but some other defect. Having said this, there is is a much greater chance that your user profile is corrupt and resetting you user profile will fix the issue (and re-installing won’t reset your user profile and thus the defect will survive).

Thus the question: Have you tried to start your LibreOffice in Safe Mode, performed the actions you assume to be a bug in Safe Mode and checked that way, your problem is still there? If it is gone in Safe Mode, most probably your user profile is corrupt.

And assuming that you refer to this, seeing there “I’ve reset my entire user profile. In Restart/Normal the Calc Spreadsheet bug is repeated” - I have a feeling that you didn’t actually reset your profile, but tried to run in safe mode, and then restarted in normal mode without actually saving the changes made in the safe mode wizard.

Thank you. I’m pretty sure I tried to reset my user profile the correct way. Saying that, however, even monkeys fall out of trees…so I’ll keep trying and see what turns up.

Please note the difference between Restart in Normal Mode and Apply Changes and Restart mentioned in the help.

Tried again.

  1. Are you sure you want to restart LO and enter safe mode.

  2. Restart.

  3. Reset to factory settings.

(3.1) Reset entire user profile.

(3.2) Apply changes and restart.

(3.3) Welcome to LO. Drop a doc here or pick an app from the left side to create one.

(3.4) Clicked Calc Spreadsheet and it opened normally

(3.5) Exit LO.

(3.6) Clicked again and Calc Spreadheet opened normally.

Writer Doc files where I had numerous files saved do not display in Recent Files.

I assume this is because I reset my profile?

They can be accessed, however, from the desktop and a different directory I saved the files to.

Is there any way to recall the Writer Doc/Calc Spreadsheet files to Recent files to display, other than reopening all of them?

Thank you very much for your advice.

No - you can’t get back your recent files list, which is part of the user profile (i.e. file registrymodifications.xcu). I strongly recomment to not recover that file from a backup. You may get back your problem.


uninstalling LibreOffice *won’t delete any files (if you didn’t store them in very, very strange places like the program directory, where LibreOffice hast been installed to). You are definitely save, if your files are stored in the users home directory (using this general phrase, since you didn’t mention your operating system).

But please see also my comment.

Thank you. My OS is Win 10 Pro.