If you want people to use "Comment" for regular replies, why use the quote icon there?

I see a reply icon with “Suggest a Solution,” and a quote icon labelled “Comment.” It seems counter-intuitive to use a quote icon if you want people to use that for regular replies without quotes.

You might find This is the Guide… worth reading.


Thanks, but while it refers to “Comment Fields,” it doesn’t explain them in the text.

The guide says

Comment fields should always be used to clarify communication. Answer fields are always reserved for solutions or for workarounds.

That seems fairly explanatory to me.


The speech bubble icon is for comments.
But there is a quote icon that appears when you select some text: the typographical double quotes. This way, by pressing Suggest a solution or Quote, both would open a Suggest a solution field with a quote of the selected text.
You can quote a selected text in a comment, by selecting the text and pressing the Comment icon (speech bubble).