Illustrations on left pages and text on right pages

Hi there!

I know about the styles and formatting part, so I can organise my document in right and left pages, but I have no idea how to make it so the text I’m writing jumps automatically from right page to right page (and the illustrations all stay on the left pages).
Said in another way, it would be like two documents in parallel: one on the left with illustrations, and the other one on the right with the text. But I need to see them together so I can organise the illustrations so they correspond to the text.

I hope this is clear enough, sorry about my English :wink:


If there is always just one single image on a page, you can set the margins so high, that no text can fit onto the page area, however you need to anchor your images to the left page/cannot anchor them on the text that flows on the right pages then.

Adding a frame around the image that fills the whole page follows the same idea, with the same restriction however (you cannot anchor stuff on one page, and have it displayed on another page)

Another way is to anchor your graphics in a “clear-both” paragraph style-construct (of two styles), where you define “break before with left-page” on the paragraph where the image will be anchored to, and a followed-by style where the text will continue, that also has a break before, but with “right page” as paragraph style to use.
That way you can anchor your images in the regular text-flow.
Which way to chose depends on your requirements. (and the amountof /ration between illustrations and text)

Thanks for those solutions, it is very helpful! But it still is a workaround, and I wish there was a simple option that would let us for example link text to right pages and images to left pages, or actually manage separately left and right pages of one single document. Does it exist in MS Office?

I added an enhancement bug on Bugzilla:

The best workaround I found, thanks to Cloph’s help and this thread (in French), is as follows:

1 - Create two page styles:

  • Left illustration page

  • Right text page

Assign next style for left illustration page: right text page

Assign next style right text page: left illustration page

2 - Insert a borderless frame in the header of any of the pages with the “left illustration page” style. This frame has to fill the entire page, so that the text written on the right pages jumps directly to the next right page, leaving the left page blank. As this frame is included in the header, it will be part of the page style.

3 - To add illustrations on the left pages: Insert an image in the frame, which is then visible on all left pages → right click on it and anchor it to the page so that it appears only on the desired page.
Another way to do it without inserting it in all pages in the first place is to insert it in a right page, anchor it to the page, cut it and paste it in the left page frame.

There you go! Good enough for the moment, until something more intuitive is implemented!