I'm Building a bird database

Hi, I’m building a bird database, which so far, has gone according to plan.

I’ve hit a problem in trying to link each record entry to its related bird song. I have 286 bird entries, complete with bird photo, now I can’t seem to link each photo with its related birdsong.

I did this, successfully, some time ago using Microsoft Access as a .mdb file, However this will not work on my iMac, and obviously not in Libreoffice Base.

Any advice or guidance on how to link the individual birdsong to its relevant record card?

It must be possible since I have installed a ‘button’ on the form, and successfully linked it to the first record card, unfortunately, it links the same sound file to all the record cards!

Any Ideas?



You need to provide more information. What tables - what fields in Tables - how you store the pictures.

Using the “Image[longvarbinary]” field which displays the images correctly by species.

The 'birdsong" .wav files are in a separate folder to the image files, in ‘Table1’ the image files are shown as ‘Objects’, and the .wav files are just text in the birdsong column, until I find how to link them.

In the old .mdb set up this was a simple hyperlink from the field created by the Wizard.

Not so here.

Suggest you store the pointer to each bird song as a URL in a text field in your bird records

You will need an on event (use mouse click) for the field when you display the record on a form.

The on event macro should simply open the URL and provided you have the right supporting software
it will play the bird song.

I have used this technique to play recorded poems in my SecretaryBird application LO database. You can get more info. about SecretaryBird from the website here and from this forum entry