I'm unable to create a new folder in Calc and Writer

I just installed LIbreOffice for Ubuntu 16.04.
I created a test files in Calc and Writer.
I tried to Save As these two files into a new subfolder, when I type the name of the new subfolder the Create subfolder dialog box appears to go into buffer overflow, the first letter I type it automatically repeats the letter. I have to click Cancel to stop it. It will not accept any additional input in the input box, nor will it create the subfolder.
Thanks much for providing this open source tool!
Best regards

@bill.nelson: Please do not post as community wiki. See guidelines for asking. Also, does this problem occur with other applications or only in LibreOffice? If it occurs in other applications as well, then you may get a better answer in a forum such as https://askubuntu.com/.

Bummer, I have same in windows 10 in making folders when saving favorites. A way around it until fixed, open file manager, make your folder in file manager, Go back to LibreOffice, which, I am very sure, will show up in LibreOffice Save As in all its tools. Not a true fix but will work.