Image appears in colour in one form but in monochrome in another form

Well here is one for the brains trust. Has me totally baffled.

My data entry form contains an image control, the table data field type is BLOB [BLOB]. The image is (204,800 bytes) in size. On this form frmTrips the image appears in colour as it should.

On another form frmTripLogandTripsSubform, the mainform controls are linked to fields in tblTripLog and the subform controls to fields in tblTrips

The image control imgArriveAccomSiteImage is on the subform

The image appears in monochrome on this form??? Thought it could have been some formatting difference between the image controls so I copied the control from frmTripLog and pasted it into the frmTrips subform. Still the same!!!

image description

Anyone experienced this before. @Ratslinger could this be associated with your warning “Embedded images can cause headaches”? I have created another table for the pics but not yet figured out how to use the linked images in a data entry form as yet.




Educated guess that the gray scale image is part of an SQL statement. See this post for a fix → undesired behaviour of image control in Base (LO3.6.3.2)

It really was that easy Ratslinger, thanks for the link.