Image in Reports Base

Hello guys,

I read all the other questions about this topic but unfortunately, I still have troubles.
My computer is a MAC OS X 10.11
LO version is

I include a LONGVARBINARY in a table as a read here in other question. This table I using to a report. I created a report and I insert the image and in the “graphics” I insert the path to the image. In the properties, everything is YES (preserve as a link, visible, etc).

In edit mode, I can see the image. When I run the report, the image disappears. I tried everything that I can according to with the other questions that I read here, but nothing works. Only in the edit mode, I can see the image.

Thank you for your help.


Let me state I have no hands on experience with Mac OS X but don’t think it really applies here.

You have a confusing statement in your question. Not certain of the database type you are using. You would use a LONGVARBINARY field in an embedded DB for embedded images (not recommended since just a few of these will crash Base). But then you state “…and I insert the image and in the “graphics” I insert the path to the image.”. If embedding the image, there is no path to the image. If saving as a link (OK method for embedded DB) then you would just need a VARCHAR field. Most other DB’s can & should use BLOB fields (MySQL for one).

Another note, have not yet seen where image is viewed in edit mode but not otherwise. A sample from you may possibly help in this matter.

Also have seen where images just don’t work at all in Report Builder. This has occurred in different conditions with different databases. So please include you DB type being used.

Have attached a sample (one record) file which has a form & report and works on my system without a problem. LO v5.4.3.2 on Mint 18.3. It may help if this works OK on your system. It is an embedded image, not linked.

Sample - PictBlob.odb

Hello @Ratslinger,
thank you for your answer and I am sorry for the late response because I am a volunteer in a school and once a week I work on this project.
Your sample works well here on my computer, I am trying to solve the problem. I am using Base (LibreOffice) version
Thank you,