Image inserted but only shows part of it

After inserting an image and saving a document, and reopening it some of the images only show part of the image. There is also a little red arrow head to the side of the image.

If I click on the properties of the image it opens the macro tab with ‘Could not load image’ Event highlighted.

When I press reset the image comes up as following. The image has rescaled in the vertical direction and only part of the caption is shown.


What I found out is this:

  • The image was given a caption which disappears at the right hand side of
    the pages text area.
  • I don’t see any method to remedy this malfunction.

What you could do is this:

  • Select the image and paste special (as a bitmap) into another part of your document.
  • Anchor as character (not: to character)
  • Apply caption

See my edited and uploaded sample Writer file.


The screenshot shows the situation before and after. To have an optimal look at it use mouse right button | show image (or similar). Be aware that all the lines are not optimally shown…

Also check @ajlittoz reply!

Without anakysing the document (only from the screeshot), your image is inside a frame and some padding space is allotted around the image (can be modified in image properties, Borders tab.

Also, you image may be cropped. See Crop tab. A different scale factor may apply to height and width.

Finally, have a look at Type tab and the Size parameters, notably Keep ratio.

If this doesn’t allow you to cure the issue, attach a sample file with the problematic image to your question (not to an answer which wouldn’t be a solution to the problem).

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EDIT 2020-11-04 - Answer to Dadasaur

Your sample file has several problems:

  • wrong choice of anchor mode for the image considering its dimensions
  • wrong size for the caption frame
  • presence of a nonsensical drawing object

Apparently, drawing object Frame4 (not a frame at all) is not related to anything and can de deleted without changing document semantics.

Image Image4 (original size 40×26 cm) is scaled down 44% (to 17.6×11.4 cm) but is give a size of 17.6×3 cm in the Type tab. It is anchored As character which is an error with such a large picture. Being a character, wrap mode is pointless.

The consequence of these inconsistent settings is an area of 17.6×11.4 cm is reserved for the “character” but it is cropped to the first vertical 3 cm. Hence the red triangle for clipped content.

A caption has been added to the image-character (which is nonsense because a paragraph, the caption, cannot be inserted inline within another paragraph; it can only follow another paragraph) causing creation of frame Frame5 with dimensions 17.6×3.37 cm which is clearly too small. The previous inconsistencies prevent the caption to be visible.

To fix:

  1. Change image anchor mode to To paragraph, wrap mode to None without Allow overlap. In Crop, restore both Scale factors to 44%.

  2. Change Frame5 properties to AutoSize in Type, Wrap mode to None without Allow overlap.

As a general rule, be very very cautious with large images.

That works for me, thanks!

This always happens when there is a pagebreak. It seems that Writer doesn’t previous know that image won’t fit page then render it until end of page.
A workaround for this is fill the space above image with line-break (Enter), from last paragraph until it reach image. Finally you save, close and re-open document.

Avoid using empty paragraphs (Enter) to space elements, they will complicate final document layout and play tricks on your back after editing text preceding the image.

Prefer to act on frame properties. This is safer, more reliable and more versatile.

In the Type tab, play with Keep inside text boundaries checkbox to see if matters improve.

Anyway, without a document sample, it is next to impossible to give a relevant advice.

Same thing happened to me. When a figure extends beyond the page length, a portion of the figure is hidden exactly as above. When text is added to move the figure into full view on a page, only some of it is visible.

No luck in Libre to fix or figure this out (pardon pun), but you may be relieved to know that all shows up correctly when the file is saved as .docx and opened in Microsoft. So I can trudge on happily at home in Libre with partially missing figures with the proper amount of blank space, and then ultimately deliver it back to work where Word is available.

I would be very happy to find a fix for this so I could print documents at home.


You better upload your file for checking the problems. Screenshots ( @malapradej ) don’t have required information for improving the handling of images…

Thanks Grantler. I have attached a file above. Libre is working well, just a small display issue. Hope file helps.

@Dadasaur: see the part in my answer about your case. Note than “me-too” problems are not answers to initial questions and should be reported only as comments or asked as a separate question.