In Calc, how to copy a range of cells while keeping absolute references?

It would be very tedious to insert $s in every cell. I have found out how to do this for an individual cell, but not how to do it for a range of cells.

The way to do it for an individual cell is:
Click in the formula slot somewhere (which is near top of screen),
then Ctrl+A (highlights the contents, ie makes it dark)
then Ctrl+C (copies what is highlighted)
then Esc (exits the formula slot)
then paste into a selected cell.
This can also be used to paste the formula into a text document. Thanks.

Doing wrong thing from start (i.e., not using absolute references where necessary) causes headaches later (making editing “tedious”). This applies here, as well as e.g. to using styles. When users start, they usually think it not important enough, and take others’ advises as nerdiness. When it’s too late, they start looking for workarounds.

Please see if this answer is helpful.