In calc summaries don't show in status bar

In the Calc status bar I show seven or so fields, including sheet #, language, zoom, even a tiny save icon. However the summaries do not show when I connect several cells. There is a row and column count but no calculations such as sum, count, avg, etc. Nothing pops up when right-clicking in any part of it except the language. All the View menu does is turn the entire status bar on or off. Any ideas?

Update: I have had the summaries until recently , although I don’t know how long ago they disappeared.

Or the data are text looking as numbers.


Possibly your Calc file is only smaller in width to show this information. If so, widen the Calc display. Another method is in my answer in this post → Show sum of cells in Calc’s status bar

This screen capture (from LO shows where it appears for me. If nothing shows, it may be that the calculation is set to None which will result in no information in that area. You should be able to right click anywhere between the two separator bars to bring up the options list.

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I cannot get that menu to show

I found there was an update to LibreOffice and downloaded it. It’s working fine now, thanks for trying everyone.