In calc, when recording a macro, Macro dialog doesn't appear

As per the LO docs, after recording a macro, when the ‘Stop Recording’ button is clicked, the macro dialog should appear.

In my case, I clicked the ‘Stop Recording’ button. However, the macro dialog doesn’t appear.

What’s the solution?

No clue, as you didn’t give any information on Version of LibreOffice or your operating system.
So nobody can check, if this is a known problem in your configuration. (Other way round I could suggest to use my config without giving further info. It works…)

Please update your question.
You may have a look at “more details” in:

And also provide steps you did when creating the macro. Could it be that your steps generated nothing recorded, and so no macro that needs to be saved (because our recorder has severe limitations)?

  1. I am using LO 7.3 in Windows 10.

  2. The macro I wanted to record was for the following steps:
    (i) Click on the Spreadsheet tab.
    (ii) Click the Stop Recording button.

    The purpose of the macro is to associate it with a button, which when clicked, would take me to the specified spreadsheet.

    Mike has made a good point here.

    Is (i) a valid recordable action for the LO Macro recorder?