In libreoffice base. How to add for example 10% more to a column with existing figures?

In the libreoffice base. I made a query and I have a column with net income of 10 persons. The query requires me to add 10% more to their net income. How do I do that?

May be the answer to this question is helpful: (SOLVED) Further calculations from calculated fields in Base (So you pobably want ..."Income" * 1.10...)


Further to the previous comment in addition to use a calculated field in a query, you can also apply permanent changes
via the Tools, SQL Command by entering a command such as

UPDATE “tblRemuneration” SET “Salary” =“Salary” * 1.1

this would increase the Salary for everyone by 10% or you can be more specific by using a clause such as

UPDATE “tblRemuneration” SET “Salary” =“Salary” * 1.1 WHERE “id” = 2

which would increase the Salary only for the person with the id 2

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much. I got it now :relaxed:

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