input required error message when inputting any field. Properties set to 'no'

trying to enter data. when saving, the error message says input required. all field properties are set to no but the program wants me to enter data in every field.


There is NO problem with LO v6.1.2.1 regarding this.

Please see my answer in this post → LibreOffice 6.1.2 Base value field problem

The only problem may be that since this has not been working in some time and the default for this setting is Yes, it may not have been set to No in the first place.

@Ratslinger, i have read your post. I don’t agree with that. Sorry, but for me in both the tables and in the forms, the field “entry required” was set to “No”. What was wrong with that?

@Hrbrgr Have just re-ran tests on this. Started with v6.1.0.3 installed. Field on Form & table set to No entry required. Blank entry accepted. Set Field entry on form to Yes and blank entry still accepted. Set field back to No. Created new form with wizard. All controls automatically set to Yes on field entry required. Set one field to NO. Re-installed v6.1.2.1. Fields previously set to NO remained as NO. However, now when set to Yes blank entries were NOT accepted. Answer stands.

@Ratslinger Thank you. I will test it again soon.

Thank you. That did it. I appreciate your response.

There seems to be a problem with version LO- Also with me all fields (only in the form) were put on “yes”. I put my form back on “No” for “input required” and it works again.

With me: Windows 10, Version 1809, 64-Bit; LibreOffice, Version: (x64)

Thanks ebot. now working.

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