Insert data from Base to Calc

How do I insert selected data from base into a Calc spreadsheet?

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Get the data source window (Ctrl+Shift+F4).
Navigate your databse and drag the icon of a query or a table onto a sheet cell.
The result will be a linked database range which can be refreshed by menu:Data>Refresh when any cell in that range is selected.
Call menu:Data>Define… and mark the entry “Import1” which is the default name of the linked database range.
Click the extra options and make sure that the following 2 options are checked:

  • Keep formatting which means the the spreadsheet formatting.
  • Insert or delete cells which resizes the changing import range by insertion and deletion of cells, preserving any other data/formulas from being overwritten.

Calculated fields (formulas adjacent to the import range) expand and shrink with the dynamic data range.

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view > data sources > select your database table> select the data > press data to text button. I think…

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However, this doesn’t appear to update the content in the calc spreadsheet when the database updates.


The database needs to be registered. Usually this is done when the Base file is created but can be done at any time.

With a registered database all tables and queries are available in other modules. In Calc, from the menu View->DataSources or key combo of Shift+Ctrl+F4.

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Thanks, got it.

I miss the data symbol from OpenOffice.

Just reciently converted from OO to LO.

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That answer was wrong. That button is disabled in Calc. Calc has more powerful options to copy or link database data.