Insert row *after* the current row?

I know it’s possible to insert a blank row before the current row using Insert → Rows. Is there a way to insert a blank row after the current row, so that all the subsequent rows are moved down 1 (but the current row remains in place)?

Use case: I have a SUM total at the bottom of my table and if I go to insert a new data row just before the total line, the range to the SUM function is not updated, whereas if I insert a new data row anywhere else the range is updated as I expect it to be.

I am trying to think of a UI where inserting after the current selection, be it a line of text in a word processor or a row in a spreadsheet, is usual. Can’t think of any. Is there a particular reason why you require this behaviour? It would seem UI-inconsistent.

@oweng I added a use case to explain why I think this would be useful

If I understand right there is an option in:
Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice calc/General - Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted.

I still wish there was a keyboard shortcut for insert after, but this solves the key issue I was facing. Thanks.

Excellent, I didn’t know about this settings. Thanks.

New to me also. Thanks.

I don’t think this is possible. Why don’t you select one row bellow and do the Insert | Rows.

@L-user I added a use case to explain why I think this would be useful

If some feature insert “after” row is implemented then there is no guarantee that your formula in cell B4 is going to accept new row. Your formula uses data range B1:B3 and inserting a new row in row four does not have any effect on range B1:B3. The only way of solving this problem - some workaround - is to leave cell B4 empty and then add formula in B5=SUM(B1:B4). If adding a new row, it is included into selection range of formula. Not the best solution…

@L-user, gah! I did not read your comment before I posted my answer (because of the ridiculous new (more) feature on comments). I pose a couple of workarounds in my answer below, but you are right in your assessment, so I will edit my answer.