Inserting columns after doesn't preserve width of before columns

In libre office writer application, when a column is inserted after some columns of a table, then size of all those before columns are changed. It is very inconvenient when several columns are staying before with different width.
But I want, width of before columns will be preserved.

I’m attracting attention to the LibreOffice Development team to fix this problem.

No, instead you opened a topic on a peer to peer site for users of LibreOffice.
Bugs should be submitted directly to Bugzilla
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You have a table at the full width of the page. You cannot add a column without affecting the others, there is no room. So you want to split a selected column in order that you don’t affect the other columns?

  • Select the column that you want to split
  • Click Table > Split cells
  • Select Vertically and enter the number of columns that you want to split your column into, e.g. 2
  • Click OK


Though it is not a straight solution. Because, in Microsoft Word, inserting columns after preserves width of before columns.
By the way, hope LibreOffice will be a perfect alternative of Microsoft Word.