Inserting Equation Numbers

I am using LibreOffice Version (AARCH64) on a MAC desktop (Apple M1 chip)running macOS Sonoma 14.1.2.

My problem is inserting an equation with an equation number.
when I press the fn + F3 key on my keyboad, it does not open the equation editor. I get the error message “AutoText for Shortcut not found”. Hoe do I rectify this problem ?

You probably damaged your configuration or installation was not complete. Try first to reset your user profile with Help>Restart in Safe Mode (not sure if this is the same menu command under MacOS), then reinstall if it does not work.

If all this fails, fn F3 is just a shortcut to insert a 2×1 table with a field to number the equation. This field is a number range. The shortcut uses Text but you are free to create one like “Equation”.

In Writer, you could type fn and then press F3 (or Fn+F3 if F3 is the secondary item on that key) to get a table with a sample function in it and Formula Numbering (FN) for a table of contents.

Or Click Tools > AutoText then expand Standard, click on Formula Numbering then click the Insert button

To insert just a Math formula, click Insert > OLE Object > Formula Object (Alt+Shift+E) and create your formula in the Math editor. Or you could write the characters that would create a math formula, select them and click Insert > OLE Object > Formula Object (Alt+Shift+E)

Write the letters “fn” in a new paragraph, then press the keys [fn]+[F3], because solo [F3] is occupied from macOS-system “exposé”. The “autotext” FN will translate that into a one-lined table.

To change that unique table with all cell inputs you will proceed:

  • extras
  • autotext…
  • standard: formel-numbering
    – press the key: AutoText v
    – arrange (? deutsch: Bearbeiten)
    than a new LO-window is opening with only the original formel-table incl. ff. numbering you can change than lock per storing.

Note: That procedure will only change any new WRiTER-files, not any older files you have been written or you are actually write.

Excuse me please for my english transformation from deutsch.

Thank you. This worked