Install Error - Warning 1946 - Can I fix this manually?

During the install of Libre Office
This warning popped up:

Warning 1946 Property ‘System.AppUser.Model.ID’ for shortcut ‘LibreOffice.lnk’ could not be set

What is this link, and can I set it manually?

This might be worth reading, General Installation Issues (Windows) - The Document Foundation Wiki

You forgot to give details, see This is the guide - How to use the Ask site?

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Yes … apologies.
It was fairly hectic after 7.1.8 had crashed, and corrupted three spreadsheets that I had loaded (all rebuilt manually, so fine now) :slight_smile:

It was on a windows 10 OS, and the previous install was 7.1.8

I had chrome, firefox, and notepad++ loaded.

There was no warning to close other apps, like there used to be.
Most apps these days can install without closing apps, but perhaps it is still wise.

It did advise to reboot, which I did.
LO then loaded fine.

I’ll check out the link that you provided for further information on System.AppUser.Model.ID

Thanks for contributing :slight_smile:

Job sorted :slight_smile:

I checked out the Wiki link posted by EarnestAl but the error wasn’t mentioned, so I ran a search.
It turns out that this is Wndows OS error code.

The ultimate conclusion is that the warning should be ignored :man_facepalming:

I guess that it was just one of those days :crazy_face: