Is it possible to adjust the scrolling speed in all LibreOffice apps?

What I find annoying is that the scrollbar behaves differently from other apps on Windows 10. The scrollbar in LO seems to reflect the position in the document. So when you click below the current position marker, it moves the position in the document so that the current position marker moves to where you clicked. Similarly if you click above it. IE it behaves differently to other scrollbars on Windows 10. I think that’s why it appears to move fast as it’s moving the view to where you’ve clicked. In order to achieve anything like normality is to use the PAGE-UP and PAGE-DOWN keys. Or alternatively drag the current position marker until you see the bit of the document you want. What would be really great is if the behaviour changed to what other apps do in Windows 10 or alternatively provide an option so that people can decide how they want the scrollbars to behave.

I have a similar problem on Win 7. If I click in the scroll bar above the current position it scrolls all the way to the top (or bottom) of the document. On a Calc sheet with several hundred or thousands of rows, this can mandate a coffee break as I have to wait for the scrolling to finish because once it starts scrolling, there is no way to interrupt it. Please offer a solution.

I encountered similar problem too. When I scroll down LO Calc it scrolls too fast. Three rows contain text that extends cells’ height so theese cells’ height is approximately equals to work area height. When I try to do minimum scroll movement, and work area jumps so the 4-th row is at the top of the work area.
The issue with scroll working dependently of row height. It is very ugly behavior. Please, fix it.

If you have the same problem why didn’t you rather upvote the original question rather than providing a non answer?

in Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, select your device, and then select Basic settings. Depending on the mouse model you are using, select Wheel or Touch Strip. Select Identify programs that don’t scroll correctly.

@dwarka , to prevent you to spam all requests adressing this scroll issue with a possibly very limited solution for only a few users:

1.) Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is only available for users of a Microsoft Keyboard or Mouse. In a Windwos 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 without that there is no option for this. As well not in Linux.

2.) Most of the requests deal with the use of a touchpad, not scrolling with a mouse.

This happens to me occassionally. It starts to scroll 100+ lines at a time, and even trying to zoom in and out using CTRL+Wheel makes it really big or really small.

I simply closed everything and rebooted my computer and it works normally again.

I wish there was a logical solution, but since I can’t find one, this seems to be the way to go for me.

For me, setting the MMB in Options → LibreOffice → View to “no function” fixed the screel wheel problem … it’s now consistent with every other application on my Win10 system …

Edit/Update: Regrettably, the multi-page-out-of-control scrolling still happens, once it starts I need to close and re-open Writer to get back to the line-wise scrolling … so, something fundamentally wrong in LO it seems … currently running