Is it possible to change my email and password?

My Gmail account has been compromised three times on/by Facebook. How do I change my email account for LibreOffice?

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yes - click your name, which is linked to your LibreOffice user profile (Profile - madagascanlemur - Ask LibreOffice)

Right of your logo you’ll find 2 links (in blue color - see screenshot)

  1. update profile (Profile - madagascanlemur - Ask LibreOffice) (Don’t worry - other users can’t call that page)
  2. manage login methods (

The first link allows to change your e-mail address, while in the second you can change your password.

image description

Hope that helps.

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I’m assuming you need to change your password on your account

This is the same correct answer as Opaque. But with both screenshots & details for newcomers at How can I change my password on this forum? - #6 by Francewhoa