Is it possible to change the highlighting of text found with the find command?

I use the find command a lot to find text in my documents, but I find it so difficult to actually spot the text, as it is highlighted with a faint green box around it, and the background is ever so slightly darker. I have on occasion not been able to find text the find command assures me is somewhere on the screen.
Is there a way I can change the highlighting, to maybe dayglo orange or something?
All advice gratefully received.

Have a look at Asked Before: Calc ver Highlighted Cell Color. Villeroy’s suggestion might work for you, highlight colour will be inverse of text background, so black with white text on a white page with black text.

@EarnestAl, thank you, that worked.


You can instead, alter the TransparentSelectionPercent number, the lower the value, the darker the selection. For this laptop 75 is great, for my old laptop with less contrast, maybe 40 would have worked better even though the text is harder to read. On current this screenshot shows the difference

For the actual answer to your question of changing the colour, this outside link might help but I am not planning on testing it