Is it possible to create line hops/jumps in LibreOffice Draw?

I’m trying to see if it’s possible to have crossing lines create an hop/jump so that the drawing remains clear instead of fuzzy with allot of crossing lines.

The image shows what I mean by a line hop:

Sadly, up to this point I haven’t been able to achieve this with LibreOffice nor have I been able to find anything in wiki’s or on this site.

So my question is, can LibreOffice Draw create line hops/jumps?

Well, AFAIK, it’s impossible, but you can fake it.

Select Basic Shapes>Circle Pie.

Create a half circle, change the fill to none.

Modify>Break then Modify>Break again and then delete the 2 line segments.

Add this item to your gallery for easy access.

Drop it over the line you want to cross and then use line segments on either side.


@hyogapag, I was afraid that I’d have to trick my way into a solution :frowning: Your source also shows a link to the actual feature request for ( ). I’ll see if I can find a place to submit a feature request for LibreOffice :slight_smile:

The above answer should still remain as the only correct one.

I’ve submitted a feature request for LibreOffice, after searching I wasn’t able to find a request for this particular feature.

You can find the feature request for LibreOffice on this page: