Is it possible to print words in mirror image?

I need to have the words backwords, like when you hold a piece of paper up to the mirror and you can read it that way.

You can do that in Draw

  1. Create a text box, type whatever you want.
  2. Modify > Convert > To Curve (or Polygon or Contour, there doesn’t seem to be any difference)
  3. Modify > Flip > Horizontally

Note: since in step 2 you convert the text to a shape, you no longer can edit it (they become separate objects). If you want to modify the text at a later stage you should delete the object and start again from step 1

Maybe there is a more efficient way to do this…

Ah! It was the convert phase I couldn’t work out. I had the “frame” selected, and that greys-out the Convert options. (Unfortunately “Flip” doesn’t (yet) apply to frames.) I suppose the advantage of Inkscape here is that you can “type” and modify text-as-text in mirror, upside-down, whatever orientation.

I can’t see how to do this in Writer or Draw, but it’s very simple in Inkscape! :slight_smile: is that any help?

Even better. Export document as a PDF open in Inkscape and flip it.
It worked great for me.