Is it possible to reference a footnote from a frame?

I have a large document with many small frames with notes in them. I use footnotes extensively throughout the document, linked directly from the main text of the document. I also would like to add footnotes to several of the small framed notes within the document, but when I try to do so, insert>footnote/endnote is faded and unclickable. Is there something I am not doing correctly, or is adding footnotes to frames impossible?

The short answer is “no”. I have provided more detail about why this is the case in this answer. The basic reason is that a cross-reference requires an anchor (destination) marker and a citation (source) marker and currently the ODF specification does not allow for anchor elements to be placed within a frame element.

Thanks Oweng, I can’t help but wonder why this is the case, and whether there are plans to make such a request possible in the future. It would seem to be something that other writers would also value.

I would think it is likely that OASIS (the body governing the ODF specification) will have to at some point for compatibility with OOXML (DOCX). Whether this enhancement makes it into ODF v1.3 or not is unclear. It would require quite a large change to how frames are defined and handled from what I can see as OOXML appears to treat frames akin to a separate document.