Is it possible to set Libreoffice to automatically split a word at end of line/beginning of next?

Mac OS Mojave 10.14, Libreoffice

Hi all, I know “wrap text automatically” can be used within a table to distribute words efficiently, but does Libreoffice have a function that automatically splits into syllables/hyphenates words at the end of one line/beginning of next, like this----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> hyphen-ate?


Something like what you find in Format | Paragraph | Text Flow ?

Or you might want a Soft Hyphen: To support automatic hyphenation by entering a soft hyphen inside a word yourself, use the keys Ctrl+minus sign. The word is separated at this position when it is at the end of the line, even if automatic hyphenation for this paragraph is switched off.

Search the Help for Hyphen for more information.

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I just needed to check the Hyphenation Active checkbox directly beneath Wrap Text Automatically under Format > Cells > Alignment tab > Properties section; this achieved the desired result.