Is LibreOffice for me?

I have been watching tutorials for 2 days and still don’t know if I can do what I want if I get this. I want to start keying in a customers name and have all their info show up. Then I want to add the new information regarding their new call. If it doesn’t, I want to be able to add them. Is this possible? I would love if someone could let me know so I am not wasting another day. Thanks!

Database development tools and database frontend tools such as Base are not for technically unskilled regular office users. The resulting databases should be usable by anybody able to use some input form in a browser.
The ideal Base developer (not user) already has some kind of database up and running. The new Base developer connects a Base document to her/his existing database and gets a seamless integration of already collected data into this office suite without losing any of the existing tools that helped to build up that database in the past.


This is similar to the sample posted here → Select/add from combo box

The name is selected from the combo box (can select by starting to type) and when Enter pressed the name & their info appears on the right. Below the combo box on this sample is certificate information. This is where your new call info would go. It is a separate table on a sub form attached to the member record.

If you type in a name and it is not in the list, when Enter is pressed a new member set appears in the right hand section. This process to add a new record is done through a macro (basic code) which should need only minor modification (your table/field names).

I will add here, that without the auto add of the new member, you can do this with a list box and no macro coding.

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so it is possible…but difficult lol Is there a video tut that would help? thank you Ratslinger

When it comes to macros, there is a steep learning curve. Two days is a drop in the bucket with macro learning. Here is a post with many links for Base → To learn LibreOffice Base are there introductions or tutorials?

The sample given seems to be a relatively good fit for what you have stated. You may want to try modifying that.

You can always ask new specific questions. Good to add information such as your OS, the specific LO version you are using and the database used (such as HSQLDB embedded, MySQL, etc.). This is located on bottom line of Base main screen.

This might be an non-solution, but anyway:

I suggest you to read about free / FOSS customer relationship management (CRM) software (maybe even ERP; depends on your requirements), maybe in combination with some ticket management. And write up anything that is a current and might be a near-term requirement (long-term might be harder). Maybe it’s better to start with a ticket system, which has some CRM features.

Unfortunately the are *illions, mostly web based, as payed, hosted service or “semi-hosted” by ISPs, with mobile and fat clients, etc. FWIW I quickly tried to find something simple but failed, so I can see how it looks more promising to “just build something best fitting” yourself. And maybe it turns out “build instead of buy” is your solution.

I have been watching tutorials for 2 days […] I would love if someone could let me know so I am not wasting another day.

IMHO you’ll very like “waste” a lot more days learning stuff.

DummyPersons_Phones.odb (41.8 KB)
100 dummy persons with 200 dummy phone numbers, a filterable form and a phone list report.
One-to-many relation between phones and persons.
Each number belongs to exactly one person.
Each person can have zero, one or more phone numbers.