Is there a way to change the initial screen in LO

I like being able to select recent files when LO starts up, but the new portrayal using large icons is difficult to scan and uses screen real estate poorly. Is there a way to simply get a list of file names?

I’ve posted a detailed answer here: Can the new Start Screen in v4.2 be reverted to that in v4.1?

There’s a request for enhancement on Bugzilla:

Bug 74834 - CONFIGURATION: Option to disable documents thumbnails on the New Start Screen

Status: NEW

"[…] It would be nice to have an option to
disable Thumbnails on the Start Screen
by either:

Reverting to the old start screen
which was compact and usable

  • or -
    Providing a textual list of recent documents which could also
    benefit from additional information
    (modified date, pathway, etc) and so
    make use of the screen effectively."

(See also: Can I supress the images on the start screen?)

BTW: A list of the recently used documents is available in the menu File → Recent Documents.

Thanks for the info. I’m not sure I would call this an “enhancement”. It was an enhancement that got us into this situation in the first place.