Is there a way to disable applying user metadata?


I know there is a way to remove user data from an individual document (File > properties > reset).

I’m wondering however if there’s a way to disable applying user information / authorship automatically (such as on document creation). I’d like to set the settings so that this only applies it when I explicitly tell it to.

Is this possible?


(currently using version, on Debian)

Not filling out the personal details will withhold this metadata from all documents. It is likely possible to write a macro that will update an existing document to either apply or clear select metadata. That is probably the best option.

For helpful hints and macro examples you could take a look at my free SecretaryBird application which uses an integrated writer template and reads the document’s customised properties to keep track of incremental version saves in the database. It uses several macros to accomplish this. See this forum entry for more information

thanks but I’m not sure how this answers my question.