Is there a way to enter numbers with suffixes?

Would you mind to post a link to the thread where you found the demo document?
The plain URL of the upfile you linked in is

It’s a file I created, I think I posted it earlier with URL to it,, but today I made it so a hundred rows could be pasted to it to add up #'s with text. And “freeze Cells” so total could be seen. And then pulled it from my download file, this time. (URL now old one). I did not find a demo, I made it, But I did find formula’s here, from you @Lupp, from many of your answers! Locked, no password needed. hope that answers you question, is the upfile link OK? They look different

I “edited” my answers! Now my “upfile” is blue. I didn’t notice it didn’t work. I am doing something wrong, but not sure what…Thanks @Lupp for all yours and others great answers here. Wish I would of found this site years ago. The file is locked, but no password is needed just unlock.