Is there a way to get the program to send the file as an email automatically as it is saved?

I would like the file to send itself in an email to me once it is changed and saved so I can view it anywhere I am on my email account

Consider using a cloud sync service, like Dropbox or Google Drive, as an alternative.

It would be possible, as you can hook up any macro to the save action (Tools | Macros → Organize → Assign → Events) or assign the save menu/toolbar button to your macro that saves & mails the document.

But as already mentioned: Saving it to google docs/drive or some other service probably is more suitable.

Biggest problem with mailing the document is that only the mailmerge functionality uses LibreOffice’s own smtp client, and other mail-functionality just call another mail-program, and thus it is not fully automatic, but you have to manually send it in your mail-client. This might be what you want (i.e. have LibreOffice prepare a mail that you can send or discard as you wish) or not (you want to send it always, without doing anything). So it may be easier to not use LibreOffice’s mail functionality, but to call another script with the filepath as argument that then takes care of automatically sending the mail - might be a good start for that.