Is there any way to remove username and date from comments section?

Sorry, I misread your comment.

That bug report is for Writer (which I rarely use, and can’t remember ever using comments in). My experience of it is just in Calc. I wonder if this has always been in Writer, but recently got ‘normalized’ into Calc too.
(It’s not clear which component OP is referring to.)

I also want to second this request. There are at least two scenarios that I encounter. One scenario is that I don’t want my clients to have insight into my workflow, and the other is that we sometimes need to give comments without identifying the person who does the commenting (because we as editors want to speak with one voice). I frequently have to delete all the comments towards the end and then re-insert them to avoid giving away this sort of information, which can mean as much as an hour extra work.

Please, please remove this stupid time stamp and other identifying information. As OP points out, it is also unnecessary clutter.

I am against this information being removed. This information supports the responsibility of the writer.

This is a moral reason. It is bound to be ineffective, since there is no way to distinguish between the cases in which the author has a responsibility to make his editing habits available and those in which it does not. In any case, the right to privacy trumps any such concerns.

Not morally, but legally. I am glad that you have only one voice and you do not decide what is valid or invalid. Your idea of it only pervades in your head.

I also would like this to be implemented. In universities, we use annotate scripts using LibreOffice, and it would be nice if there is an option to remove the timestamp from the comments.

If the sole reason for suppressing the metadata is more room, the following is one alternative that may help:

  1. Turn on line numbering. Tools > Line numbering > Show numbering. Blank lines - checked. Restart every new page - unchecked.
  2. In the print dialog’s option to print the comments, select “Place at end of page”.

The comments will be on succeeding pages, with line numbers to help you find the place.

Admittedly, not a perfect solution in every case, but good enough in most.

Happy Trails,

Loye W. Young, OP, JD