Justified text and forced line breaks

I have text in a bullet point list, and want to put multiple paragraphs in the same bullet point. Easily down with Shift+Enter, of course, however I also want this text justified, which causes problems if the last line before the line break contains more than one word as it will cause what appears to be the final line of a paragraph to have justified text. Does anyone have other suggestions for how I can achieve this appearance without causing final lines of paragraphs to appear justified?

De-select expansion.

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Your procedure is faulty: Shift+Enter just inserts a line break and does not create a new paragraph, with all the hindrance you experienced.

The usual way to do it is to use the Insert Unnumbered Entry button instead of Enter (or Shift+Enter). Every time you push this button, you open a new paragraph without the bullet or number, aligned the same as the bulleted/numbered item above. This paragraph is part of the list.

The button is located in the contextual toolbar at the bottom of the window. If the toolbar does not appear, enable it with View>Bullets & Numbering.

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