Karma- how to get points

Please, how do I get points and how many do I need to skip from karma 1 to karma 2, etc? many thanks!

You get points whenever one question or answer by you is “upvoted”, that is, when someone clicks on the “^” symbol to the left of the post or title of the question.


If you hover the pointer over the text “karma xx” to the right of your username on top of the page (where “xx” is the number of your “karma” points), you’ll see a pop-up with more detailed description, and the detail of the activities you are able to perform in this website (“rights”).

If you click on the same place, it will take you to a graph detailing how many points (or how much “karma”) you have received (or lost), by date and linked to the question or answer which granted you those points.

Please read the FAQ! http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/faq/

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Nice, but I cannot upvote - it tells me: “>5 points required to upvote” ; so how the hell do I get 5 points to start upvoting?

I have upvoted your question. :wink:

Many, many thanks @manj_k ; I can now try to upload on that post :) Cheers!

I can’t upvote either since I also need 5 points. This is a catch 22 for sure.

How many points do I get for one click on the title and how much for one click on the “^”?
How many points do I need to get from one karma level to another?
many thakns, be fine!

Can you please write what is your exact problem? Karma is just to protect forum from spam. For example you need to have karma>3 to upload files to forum. You need karma>500 you can edit other users posts.

i am trying to raise my karma so i can upload a .png image of the problem i am having to my question. i feel the screenshot of the problem would make things much more clear to those interested.

I wish I could upvote @jdr - unfortunately, I need 5 points for that (not sure if karma or not)

Bit of a catch-22 - us newbies can’t upvote other newbies to get things going

I’m stuck in the same catch-22 as well. Has this problem ever been addressed? It has to be the main reason that this whole forum is not well attended with LibreOffice users and helpers.