KDE Integration broken LibreOffice 4.x

The kde-integration package (I tried the deb) only provides kdebe1.uno.so .
With this I don’t get any integration in kde4. No theme integration no file dialog integration and so on.
Whats going on here ? Why is this package available when it does not give me this integration ?

The old tricks about libstdc++ removing aren’t working anymore as there is no library shipped anymore.

I think the libvclplug_kde4lo.so file is needed for kde integration. Why isn’t it shipped ?

Indeed it appears that KDE4 support is lacking for LO. There is mention of a couple of environment variables over on the OpenSUSE site, although this is stated as not providing KDE4 support. This same issue has come up on this forum a few times previously, with references to the libstdc++ trickery you mention:

There are some related open bugs, the main ones appear to be:

  • fdo#48611, KDE integration like in SUSE is missing, just only the ugly Gnome interface is available Comment #5 in this bug provides a decent summary of the situation. Fixed for LO v5.1.
  • fdo#49858, libreoffice-kde doesn’t look native but libreoffice-gtk does Appears to be a duplicate of prior bug, or at least a very similar issue. Marked as duplicate of fdo#48611.
  • fdo#58756, Drop KDE 3 support (KDE 4 Native Widget Framework needed) Comment #2 provides some interesting details on related libraries and the naming conventions, in particular how the *kde-integration* package should probably be renamed *kde3-integration*. Marked as duplicate of fdo#48611.