Libre Charts: How can I make a graph dynamically adjust its range based on how many cells have data

I have an excel spreadsheet of my weight that I update daily. I want the graph of that data to update its range to however many cells have been updated with new weight data. Currently I have to update the graph each week to readjust its range to however much data I have, and I’d like to make that process automatic where it automatically sets the range it graphs to however many cells have data in them.
So instead of the graphs range being :


I’d like the range to start at cell C1, and go down until it reaches an empty cell. Is there some sort of command or input I could use like I just made up below that would work in this situation?


Main suggestion:
Define the range with (at least) one empty row at the end. Insert new rows for data immediately above this row. The range will adapt automatically.

Imo not preferrable:
Set the option
Tools>Options>LibreOffice Calc>General>>Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted
Now the range for the chart will even be adapted if you insert new data rows immediately below those alrteady contained in the range.

Why not:
Set the range to the maximum you want from the beginning. Labels plus 13 weeks, e.g. would make 92 rows.

See the example of this PivotChart in the accepted response example.

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