Libre office keeps making me recover some files.

Sometimes i when i open up libre office it will say that one of my saved files crash and i have to recover it. What is causing this?

Perhaps someone knows, is there a log showing information on what has happened?

I will try to see if i can get one.

Could well be a lock file in the form ~lock.filename.odt#, probably in the same folder as the file you are accessing. There are a number of questions on locked files, for example ~lock.filename.odt#.

What version and operating system are you using? Are you closing the system with LibreOffice running and files opened? There could be a number of reasons. On my system I get this type of problem when I shut down the system, I have LibO running with files on a USB memory stick which is not attached the next time I start LibO.

I am using Window 10. I never shut down the system while Libre office is on.

Also …

… close LO. Delete C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4.lock which is a lock file saying LO is open.

What is that suppose to do?