Libreoffice as appliance service tool

Hello everyone.

I am repairing at home electronic controllers for various home appliances for a person.
He is asking me if i can attach to each board a description of the problems i found and what did i do to adress them and what parts did i replace.

I’m also trying to create a catalog starting from the parts i see damaged and all the ic’s i see on them, so i can find them easilty. Does Libreoffce have something i can add to manage those situations?

If there are only a few repairs you might use calc, or even writer. If you have more I would use base. Here is a page of docs for base I put together as I was learning it. (I once repaired electronic equipment. Sounds like he is trying to collect info, hoping to find cheaper ways to repair stuff. Be sure you charge more if you add this info to your repairs.)

There is no ready made application. But there you can certainly make something.

  1. A small base (HSQLDB) with e.g. two tables.
  2. A form in Writer
  3. A form in Calc
    How elaborate should the solution be designed?
    If you only need a small repair report for the respective device, a suitable form would be useful.

But ask yourself:
How often do you need such a form?
What do you really want to log?
Do you really want to collect all the components, although you only want to specify the defective ones?
How many devices and types are possible?
How many components in total are possible?


A simple repair list in Writer might look like this:

You can label them on the PC or print them blank and make handwritten entries.

If I was working on a project like this I would probably go the route of a simple Calc spreadsheet with columns like… Order #, Date Assigned, Date Completed, Customer Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Appliance Description, Components Replaced, Cost of Parts, Labor Charge, Hours Worked, Tax, Total Charged, Description of Repair(s) Performed, etc. Could either do each part # on a separate line or combined with 1 line per appliance repair procedure. Depends on the details you need to track.

If you need to print something like an invoice for customers you might need a more robust solution than a simple spreadsheet can provide, though you could still use a spreadsheet (or a database) and transform each line into a printable invoice via VLookups from one sheet to another.

Before switching to using Base, I wrote a simple invoice and inventory system using Google Sheets (like Calc), and something like that would work for you. My needs eventually expanded beyond the limits of Google Sheets, so I switched to LO Base for more complexity.