LibreOffice Base forms freeze when additional field added

I’m setting up my first database using LO v in Windows 10. I have chosen to use Firebird because this is being recommended for new databases.
I have set up tables and queries, and used the wizard to set up a form with a subform. All going well.
I then decided to add an additional field to the table. When I try to add this field to my form (the main form) the mouse cursor turns into a rotating disc and nothing further happens. When I close the form it crashes the database and all the data and design I have been doing since I opened the database is lost.
This happens whether I use a computer with Win 7 or Win 10. I have tried to run LO Base on an Ubuntu PC but won’t accept the Java SE and won’t run. But that’s another story!

Two questions please:
Is there a way of stopping the freezing happening?
If not, I have read that separating the back end can help. I can see lots of information about doing this with HSQLDB but not with Firebird. How do I do this please?

Thanks for your advice.

I’ve found a way around the field adding/freezing issue. Rather than dragging the field name off the Add Field pop up window I have used the Text Box icon. This works fine.

The question regarding the splitting the database would be interesting to know about because I suspect at some stage I will need to do this for good housekeeping reasons.


I seem to recall using the Add Field icon to be a bug recently but cannot find a reference to it. Just tested with LO v6.1.4.2 on Mint 18.3 and had no problem. If this version on Windows still causes a problem for you, please file a bug report here → Bugzilla.

As for splitting a Firebird database, this is not needed. This is just one of the reasons for LO switching to Firebird embedded. The problem with HSQLDB having problems in this area should no longer be an issue when using Firebird embedded.

For Java on Linux this is simply a matter of installing the correct JRE. Please see my answer in this post → on firefox and have loaded java 32.

Thanks Ratslinger, helpful feedback on not just two but three issues!
Regarding the Firebird database, if at some stage in the future I want to place the database onto a cloud server and have multiple access, is there a way to move the tables out of Base into Firebird?

Have gone from Firebird server to Firebird embedded (see Base: HSQLDB to Firebird migration for existing databases. Can’t remember any specifics on going in reverse but would think it is possible.