LibreOffice Base - Multiple Pages Record w/One Form?

Does anyone know how to create a multiple pages form associated with one record?

For example, this one record would include Project Info (on one page/screen, Page 1) > Customer Info (on one page/screen, Page 2), Employee Associated w/project info (on one page/screen, Page 3), and Vendor associated w/project Info (on one page/screen, Page 4), which is all associated with one record.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for several days, but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Any assistance that you could provide, is highly appreciated. Thanks!

I am not sure why you would want to do this division into 4 separate forms/pages to show related data for each PROJECT. Depending on how many data FIELDS you want to display, it might be possible (and simpler), with careful form design, to fit all the information you need into a single FORM/WINDOW.

Assuming that all the information you need is ‘spread’ over several TABLES, you would need a QUERY (or several QUERIES) to provide all the information required to show on your set of FORMS/WINDOWS (a subset of information would need to be chosen for each of them).

You would also probably need to use a FILTER TABLE to store the PROJECT ID which I am assuming is the KEY that links together all other associated information such as about associated EMPLOYEE, CUSTOMER, VENDOR, etc. Once the FILTER value is set, that PROJECT ID value is used by the relevant queries and FORM setup to display the correct information on the separate forms.

Since you haven’t described your Database DESIGN/SCHEMA, I am assuming a 1:1 relationship here (which may turn out not be the case and if so, will make things more complicated).

NOTES: The above is just a sketch, since (as stated above), we don’t know anything about your DATABASE DESIGN/SCHEMA.


You can have multiple table controls on a form as per image below

An alternative which will require macros are to use form sections, see

Another way is to layer the table controls on top of each other and either use buttons or a listbox to toggle visibility between them.

How would I go about layering the table controls on top of each other and use buttons or a list-box to toggle the visibility between them? This method seems doable, especially for a super-newbie like me. Thanks.

Here is one example, however it also requires macros.

However, since you are a new to base - you may want to opt for simplicity first as the more complex a solution the more can go wrong.