LibreOffice Base query - how to import data from Calc?

HI there :slight_smile:

I currently use LibreOffice (64-bit version). I have a query I’m wondering if anyone can help with, please ?

I was looking to store some names, telephone numbers, email addresses etc, by creating a database.

I did try using Calc originally, but changed my mind. As I understand it, Calc files are stored in .ods format in LibreOffice ?

Is there any way I can convert (or import) an .ods file to a Base file ? Also, can I do the same with a .txt file ?

Presumably, I will need to create a Base file beforehand ?

(sorry, but I don’t know that much about these things)

Thank you, if anyone can assist me with this, please.

  1. I find it easier to setup your BASE table (to receive the Calc Sheet data) FIRST using SQL to create a Base file with an embedded FIREBIRD (FB) database ‘engine’ - see THIS POST. See the table setup SQL for a FB DB HERE (Drew Jensen’s answer)

  2. Then import the data from the Calc sheet as per THIS POST.

  3. You can always add another batch of records from a text file, by adding them to a template Cal sheet (with identical column headers and formatting) and repeating STEP 2 above.

… Let us know how you go.