Libreoffice doesn't respond when trying to open a file

I bought a new laptop which is windows 11 installed. Libreoffice is the first software that I downloaded but I can’t open any of my file (.odt, docx, xcfx etc.)

When I click on them libreoffice doesn’t open.

I have been using libreoffice for years but I am about to leave libreoffice because of this situation.

Does it work with Calc? Do you use Norwegian (Bokmål) locale by chance?

It doesn’t work. I play with a few thing now some files are opening somes aren’t.

I don’t understand i, It must be a warning text or something

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If you do, then download and install a LibreOffice 7.5 version from the archive, or 7.5.9 linked from the download page. See tdf#157135

If you didn’t install in Norwegian (Bokmål) then:

  1. Can you open LibreOffice from the Start Menu?
    1. If you can, can you create and save a document to your Documents folder? Can you make changes and save again?
    2. Can you create and save a document to a flash drive?
  2. If you cannot open LibreOffice:
    1. can you open it in safe mode? Click *Start Menu > All Apps > LibreOffice 7.6 > LibreOffice (Safe Mode)
    2. If you cannot open in safe mode go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features find LibreOffice, right click it and select Repair

Cheers, Al

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