LibreOffice Impress toggle between two images for image comparison

Dear LibreOffice community,

Is there a tool to do the following easily by any chance?:
I want to compare two similar images but slightly different. Image A is on slide #1 and image B is on the following one slide #2. How can I crop and place image B exactly the same way image A has been done?

At the end when toggling between slide #1 and slide #2 I am able to see the slight differences between image A and B.

Thank you for your help


Make sure both images have same dimensions as well as same DPI. You can check that using free image manipulation tool like GIMP under ImageScale image menu.

  1. add first slide and import image to it
  2. position and resize image as needed
  3. duplicate first slide by right clicking on first slide in slide pan on the left and choose duplicate slide
  4. select second slide and do right click on image and choose Replace… and select second image

It’s important that both slides have same layout.